Bondholders on the Road

Bondholders Driven Media and Future Proof Films have teamed up to put an end to that age old question; how many people will see a truck advert during a normal day? And how long do people really spend looking at the rear?

Armed with several truck-mounted cameras and a shiny new truck advertising campaign, designed by Bondholder graphic design agency Black Apricot, Driven Media and Future Proof Films will be filming thousands of drivers and passengers to calculate the advert’s impressions and driver dwell time of the rear panel.

After filming on the M1 and M25 over a single day, the Bondholder duo will be counting each and every commuter they’ve captured to form a comprehensive and informative vlog on their findings.

The unique use of multiple mounted cameras, specifically designed to capture every passing driver and passenger, will provide invaluable data to Driven Media for their future marketing campaigns.