Derby County Community Trust Tackle Mental Health

2017/18 has seen Bondholder Derby County Community Trust launch a new initiative in local primary schools to improve mental well-being and reduce stress around SATs and the transition up to secondary school.

The programme, which is unique to Derbyshire, will see the Community Trust work alongside the Premier League Primary Stars initiative focusing on addressing two key milestones amongst year six pupils: SATs and the transition into year seven.

Disability Officer, Lauren Asquith, said: “I am delighted to be able to announce such an impactful initiative. Mental well-being is very prevalent at the moment and preventative initiatives are proving to be vital across age groups.”

The three key strands of delivery will be:

1. Resilient mind - coping strategies, goal setting, planning ahead, stretch and relax
2. Healthy mind - health , lifestyle , diet
3. Active mind - physical activity to combat stress and anxiety / linking activity to revision clubs/
transitions festivals linking into the secondary schools pupils will be going to.

Alongside the work with pupils, the Derby County Community Trust will support both teachers and parents to ensure the programme maximises its potential through a series of workshops.