Next Steps New Hotline

Bondholder Next Steps HR have launched a confidential Employee Hotline in an attempt to combat harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

A recent BBC survey revealed that half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work or place of study. 63% of those women and 79% of men didn’t report it to anyone.

Neena Sharma from Next Steps HR explained ‘the purpose of the confidential hotline is to encourage people to speak up, so this kind of unacceptable behaviour can be investigated, and the appropriate sanctions applied so nobody else need suffer’.

Speaking to Sally Pepper on BBC Radio Derby, Neena explained harassment can be any unwanted or unwelcome behaviour which is either meant to or has the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment, or violating dignity. It can take the form of offensive or abusive jokes, pictures, social media messages, gestures, comments, or behaviour.

Employers are required to take reasonable steps to stop harassment. ‘The hotline enables employees to phone in if they don’t feel they can talk to someone at work. We then produce a report for the employer and the matter is investigated by the in-house HR team or by us’. It’s a means of protecting both employees and employers. It alerts employers to the need to tackle something before it escalates and costs from just £25 per month per company’.

The hotline is not just for concerns relating to harassment. ‘Employees can use it to report suspicions of fraud, theft, collusion, health and safety concerns or money laundering’.

Next Steps HR are offering fellow bondholders a preferential rate for the Employee Hotline Service run by its trained, professional, local Contact Centre staff. Please contact for more details.