Hotpod Yoga Sponsors DCCC Coach

Bondholder Hotpod Yoga Derby are thrilled to announce they will be sponsoring Bondholder Derbyshire County Cricket Club's lead physiotherapist, Fran Clarkson, for the 2018 season.

DCCC were looking to try something new in their winter training regime, and along with their coaches, have took on the challenge of Hotpod Yoga - a supercharged yoga experience in 37 degree heat, designed to develop flexibility and target specific muscle groups.

Lead Physiotherapist, Fran Clarkson said: “The lads have really appreciated an opportunity to be relaxed and switch off a bit. But then they also benefit from stability and controlling movement, and also flexibility.

“When we do our testing with them we look at joint ranges of movement and the strength of individual muscle groups. For each individual we have data on areas they move well in and areas they can do with strengthening.”

She added: “Often, it is a combination of we need to be more flexible or a bit stronger. Being in the Hotpod, it can assist with how they are moving and they are going to be working on those areas consistently.”

Leah McLaren, Founder of Hotpod Yoga Derby, said: “The heat aids better flexibility, mobility and stability. It also adds a calm and focus with it being dark in there.

“It will also help to relieve aches and pains and aid the recovery process when they’ve been training hard all week.”

After seven weeks training with Leah, Fran has seen measurable results in the teams testing, including improvements in flexibility, strength and mobility.