Multimillion Pound Investment into epm

Bondholder epm:technology has been acquired by AS.G (Aero Services Global Limited) as part of a multimillion pound buy & build strategy to service the high growth in aerospace, defence & automotive industries.

Graham Mulholland CEO & Founder of epm will continue to spearhead the development of epm:technology.

He said “We have reached a point where epm requires the necessary funds and the executive ability to provide a world class service to our larger OE Aerospace & Automotive customers.

"This strategic acquisition will enable the business to now break the SME glass ceiling. This will also provide a boost for our ongoing commitments to staff development, R&D and process innovations which will continue to see epm pioneering and leading our industry and adding value to our customers."

Amin Amiri, CEO of AS.G, said: “AS.G is building a dynamic engineering group of companies to service and develop  opportunities in Aerospace, Defence & Automotive markets. The acquisition of epm clearly demonstrates our appetite and ability to move and grow quickly. Part of this activated by having the vision to support fantastic innovative companies like epm technology group to grow and add value to its customers”

Fellow Bondholders Smith Partnership and Smith Cooper advised on this deal.