Burnthebook Secures International Contract

Bondholder Burnthebook has been appointed to handle another major project for an international organisation that focuses on climate change in the Arctic region.

The award-winning agency has already worked on several projects with the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) which is a working group of the Arctic Council.

The agency has most recently designed and published a series of important scientific research reports for AMAP – which is based in Oslo, Norway and coordinates work to monitor and assess pollution levels and the effect of climate change in the Arctic region.

It has now been appointed to create a new interactive website for the organisation which has two key aspects.

The first is a publicly accessible website that is also targeted at educationalists, policy makers and indigenous groups, amongst others, to highlight the high quality reports and related communication products that are available regarding climate and pollution issues in the Arctic. 

The second area is to provide a secure collaborative website application for the AMAP working groups to communicate and share files in relation to projects such as global threats from contaminants and climate change.

Based on the organisation's goals and objectives, the design, development and application will focus on UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) and ensuring that the website is responsive and accessible on multiple devices, and upholds the high quality content produced by AMAP.

A spokesperson from AMAP said: “AMAP has come to regard Burnthebook as a reliable and professional partner supporting both its web-based and printed publication work. The team at Burnthebook are highly professional and competent and always flexible when it comes to working to very tight deadlines and with multiple editors in often far-flung locations.”

Jackie Clarke, director at Burnthebook, said: “We are delighted to add this new contract with AMAP to our growing portfolio of international clients.

"Having successfully completed the publishing work which is a niche and specialist aspect of our service offering, we have worked closely with the AMAP team to fully explore how the website can enhance their working procedures - combining business-focused solutions with creativity and high-end technology.

"This includes improving communications between professionals based in the different member countries and ensuring the information they produce is easily accessible to a global audience."