Bondholders Collaborate

Two Bondholder have struck up a business partnership on the racetrack. Bondholder Averill Photography has teamed up with fellow Bondholder SamRandonRacing in a partnership that has both businesses excited.

Averill Photography’s first chance to work with Sam came over this weekend as they attended Sam’s most recent race weekend at Snetterton Circuit. Sam was racing in the Renault UK Clio Cup in front of 40,000 spectators and live TV cameras as part of the world famous British Touring Car Championship event. 

Mark Averill, Managing Director of Averill Photography, said “I am really pleased to have agreed this partnership with Sam. I love my cars and racing so I didn’t take much persuading. Seeing my logo on the race car was a real buzz and opens a whole new channel for my business, further building my automotive credentials”.

“There’s also an element of involvement with Sam’s racing career. He’s a talented lad yet up against such huge financial hurdles at the level he now races at, so I hope my pictures can capture the excitement and tension of these events and help him find the sponsors to go all the way. “

Neil Randon, Business Manager for SamRandonRacing said: "Mark is a total petrol head and we recognise the importance of high quality imagery in promoting our fledgling business, but we needed something that stood out. I’ve admired Mark’s work before and I think he has a real eye for detail and can make any event look interesting.

"His automotive work is outstanding so when we finally met at a Marketing Derby event, it was a very short conversation before a deal was done”.

This comes hot on the heels of another recent collaboration for SamRandonRacing. 

Fellow Bondholder Incite Consulting has also leant its support to Sam. 

Mark Platt, from Incite Consulting, said: “It was actually Sam’s dad, Neil who made me want to support Sam with his racing. I work all over the East Midlands and met Neil at a networking event. With my background working for Ellis Clowes, I have a huge interest in racing. However, it’s being able to relate to Neil, which makes me want to get involved. We’re both working class fathers and I could see how much Neil believes in his son’s passion, just like I do for my daughters with their dancing.”