Idom Merebrook set for Growth

Bondholder Idom Merebrook is focusing on its business growth following the successful completion of several high profile British manufacturing projects.

As part of its growth strategy, Idom intends to focus its wealth of global manufacturing expertise in the UK.

Idom Merebrook’s most high profile recent projects have included Michelin Tyre PLC in Dundee and SAICA UK, one of the world’s most advanced recycled paper manufacturers at Partington near Manchester.

Idom Merebrook, Managing Director, Ramon Ramirez commented:“The opportunity for developing our services in the UK manufacturing industry is a significant one, firstly due to favourable market conditions for manufacturers and exporting, and also capitalising on our team’s experience working with leading UK manufacturers across several industries.
"At Idom Merebrook we can draw upon our global resources as a part of the international Idom group to provide a winning combination of comprehensive knowledge and capability, and site-specific flexibility, in a wide range of services across the entire breadth of engineering and environmental consultancy.
For each project we create a bespoke team of experienced engineers and scientists from across our UK and European offices, ensuring that their capabilities and expertise exactly match the requirements of the manufacturer. Our clients are testament to our team’s track record of delivering excellence in this arena.”

Last year Idom Merebrook was appointed as Owner’s Assistant to leading tyre manufacturer, Michelin Tyre PLC to undertake the Construction Management and Contract Administration role for the development of Michelin’s new tyre curing workshop in Dundee, Scotland.

At Michelin, the scope of work for the Idom Merebrook team to date has included; the initial design and full technical specification for the curing workshop, the development of a fume management and ventilation strategy, provision of a new utilities building to supply hydraulics, vacuum and nitrogen and the specification for a new 4MVA substation.