Frogspark's Innovative Approach

Bondholder Frogspark has secured a partnership to work with DIMEC, a unique app undergoing a massive overhaul to help modernise the way doctors prescriptions are collected.

Following investment from Chee Wong - the previous CTO & COO of popular apps Shazam and Hailo – DIMEC will be working with Frogspark to produce a brand new website.

DIMEC was developed by Chris Turner & Andrew Bailey, two pharmacists who noticed the hassle ordering and collecting a prescription creates for many people.

Rob Twells, Managing Director of Frogspark, said: “Our team has been busy creating a number of amazing websites for a diverse range of clients and businesses and we are very excited about out work with DIMEC.

"The intended outcome for the website is to help bring onboard new users for the app whilst building on its existing user base and pushing the app to the next level of popularity.

"Frogspark has benefitted from an outstanding period of growth, with several new contract wins and the appointment of two new digital marketers to support our expanding client base. As our expertise has developed, our digital marketing campaigns have become stronger, more sophisticated and efficient, supporting our clients’ businesses to reach the next level.”