Averill's Driven to Success

Bondholder Averill Photography has trialled a new pilot project after working with premium car dealerships in Derby and Loughborough.

The company has produced at least 25 images of different used car for each dealership, including detailed shots of special features, which are then posted online by the dealership. This has resulted in a marked return on investment with a faster turnaround of stock and higher website rankings.

Mark Averill, Managing Director, explained: “This project has combined my two passions – cars and photography – and the results have been incredible.

“With the growth of online advertising and sales, dealerships have traditionally posted ‘point and shoot’ photographs on their own websites and with Auto Trader.

“We noticed that these shots really don’t do justice to the vehicles – particularly premium models – and we approached Inchcape in Derby and Loughborough with a proposition to test the impact of professional photography on sales conversion.

“We combined high end hero images of each vehicle with creative shots showcasing special exterior and interior features of the cars.

“According to the dealerships, this has resulted in a faster turnaround of stock and an expanded customer base.”

Marc Robinson, General Manager of Inchcape Mercedes Benz and Smart dealership in Pride Park, confirmed the impact of high quality online photography.

He said: “We are always keen to work with local suppliers and were astounded by the brochure quality of Mark’s photography – something you would usually only expect from a manufacturer’s design studio.

“The most outstanding results were with Auto Trader where, having posted Mark Averill’s shots on the website, we measured a 10% increase in views which converted favourably to sales.

“Having proven the return on investment, we are planning to roll out this service to dealerships across the region initially and then nationally as we expand our own business.”