The Yard Opens its Doors

A new all-day restaurant and bar is set for its official opening at Bondholder Pride Park Stadium

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the railway goods yards which originally stood on the very same spot as where The Yard is based.

John Vicars, Bondholder Derby County's Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re really excited about this project. The Yard will be a top-quality place to both eat and drink - and not just on match days.

“It will be open every day, from 10.30am right through to 11pm, serving brunch, lunch and dinner.

“Personally, I have wanted to see something like The Yard open at the stadium for the last decade.

“Apart from the odd exception, there is a still a lack of high-quality places to dine and go for a drink on Pride Park. Up to 10,000 people work on the business park alone - but there is still a distinct lack of choice.

“The Yard will fill a gap in the market - not just on match days but all year round."

As well as being open for business throughout the week, The Yard will also be open on matchdays for supporters to enjoy their pre-match food and drinks.