Freeths Top 50 Employer for Social Mobility

Bondholder Freeths has featured on what is believed to be the first ever social mobility index.

The new top 50 list is produced by the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission, and ranks UK employers in accordance with the practices and procedures they are implementing to ensure they are open to accessing employee talent from all backgrounds.

David Johnston, chief executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, said: "All the top 50 firms in the Social Mobility Employer Index should be applauded for the progress they are making towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to get in and get on — regardless of their background."

Freeths has been ranked 32 out of 98 companies in the Index for the commendable work it has taken to tackle this and enable those from lower socio-economic backgrounds to succeed.

Colin Flanagan, Chairman of Freeths, commented: "Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the Freeths people strategy, and so we are delighted to be ranked number 32 in the first ever social mobility index. This is also encapsulated in our brand values touchstone as one aspect of "Doing the Right Thing".

"Our diversity committee delivers initiatives such as our right to read scheme, apprenticeship programmes, flexible graduate programmes (including the use of contextualised recruitment), legal scholarship schemes, careers labs workshops and mentoring programmes. We also celebrate a wide range of social and faith events to emphasise that all groups within our organisation are recognised and valued.

"Whilst this ranking is a great achievement, we know that it is only one step on our journey and we are committed to continuous improvement in this key area of our business."