The Canal's Golden Mile

Bondholder Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust has officially launched a fundraising campaign to rebuild the first stretch of the former waterway and create a new visitor attraction.

A ¾ mile stretch of the canal in Draycott between Hopwell Road and Derby Road – known locally as the ‘Golden Mile’ - has been earmarked to be rebuilt into a level canal without locks.

Once completed, the ‘Golden Mile’ will have a slipway to allow canoes and boats access to the water with mooring points at each end.

The canal will be stocked with fish and angling facilities set up. There will be a hard-standing car park at Hopwell Road for the visitor attraction with a re-laid foot and cycle path as well as a grass track for horse riders.

The charity needs to demonstrate public support and is appealing for pledges totalling £100,000 before applying for grant funding to complete the £352,000 project.

Chris Madge, Chairman of the Restoration Committee for the Trust, explained: “The Draycott ‘Golden Mile’ is the first stage of the overall vision to see the canal reinstated.

“A great deal of hard work has gone into getting us to this stage but now we have the stretch surveyed and priced, we’re raring to go. We’ve focused on this section as our first project to reinstate a stretch of canal as it is the most cost effective to deliver and we have very positive support from the local community.

“We are confident that the canal will become a real attraction locally and hopefully encourage more collaboration in future restorations.

“We need pledges of support from individuals, businesses and organisations at this stage which we will then call upon when the funding target has been reached and the construction work is scheduled to begin.”

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