Oberoi Recognise Heroes of Derbyshire

Bondholder Oberoi Business Hub is sponsoring the Volunteer of the Year category of fellow Bondholder Heroes of Derbyshire Awards 2017. 

The Awards celebrate the unsung heroes of Derbyshire, who go out of their way to support others in their communities.

A Spokesperson for Oberoi Business Hub said: "Oberoi Business Hub is delighted to sponsor the Volunteer of the Year category and celebrate the unsung heroes in our communities in Derbyshire.

"We have chosen this category to promote volunteering as it's so important to the people and organisations that receive the support.

"These are characteristics we recognise in how we run our business at Oberoi. Supporting the needs of business is at the centre of all of the back office services provided by Oberoi Business Hub. "

You can nominate a person for the Heroes of Derbyshire Award, by clicking here