Anoki Raises £60,000 for Charity

Bondholder Anoki has helped raise a massive £60,000 for the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT).

More than 100 guests attended the charity fundraising dinner held at Anoki’s award-winning restaurant on London Road.

Since 2005 the charity, which dedicates itself to giving hope to orphans and empowering them with education, has provided food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education to many orphaned children in Kashmir.

The £60,000 raised at the charity dinner will go towards meeting the funds needed to construct two separate hostel blocks to accommodate 500 orphaned children.

Naveed Khaliq, owner of Anoki, said: “The work that the KORT team do is really awe-inspiring and we were delighted to support their fundraiser here at Anoki Derby.

“To raise £60,000 in a single afternoon is absolutely incredible and we would like to wish this fantastic charity every success for the future.”