Derby Brewing Co Increases Equity

Following the announcement that Bondholder Derby Brewing Co has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, the level of interest has been overwhelming with over £125,000 invested within days of the campaign becoming live.

Speaking of the launch, director Paul Harris commented: “The support shown and positive feedback for our future ideas has been fantastic, in such a short space of time, but we wanted to take on board feedback from potential investors."

The Brewing company has agreed to increase the equity on offer from the outlined 3.86% to 6.5% of the business, and as a result the business will subsequently be valued at £7,192,307.60 from the previous £12,459,364 valuation.

The company has also added a new reward level for those people looking to invest £500. As well as the rewards from investing £100, they are also offering a tutored beer tasting event with their award winning brewers, as well as an annual six pack of your choice of Derby Brewing Co beer collectable from one of the brewery's venues. This will also mean that anyone £1,000 and above will benefit from the tutored beer tasting event as well.

Paul added: "We believe this offers potential investors even greater value for their investment and further strengthens the opportunity, as based on forecasts we will look to double the value of shareholders shares within three years, with all shareholders being eligible for dividends and rewards depending on their level of investment along the way."