43,000 Miles Back to Derby

In 2010 Leigh Timmis, an employee for Bondholder Pattonair, set off on a 43,000 mile journey, cycling around the world to raise money for new Bondholder the Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre.

In seven years Leigh has raised over £10,000 for the charity, and will be returning to Derby this Saturday when he arrives at Bondholder Derby Cathedral at 1pm. 

Leigh's journey has brought about many adventures, including singing to bears to prevent them from attacking him. 

Speaking about his return, Leigh said: "Having been living in a tent for seven years, I'm not sure quite how being back at my mum's home is going to feel, but at least I won't be in danger of being eaten, shot, or from dying from starvation, dehydration or malnutrition."

The Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre provides holidays to children aged 7 to 13, who are having troubles in their home lives .