Global Expansion for Tidyco

Bondholder Tidyco has completed a Trade Mark project which will allow it to export with international brand protection through WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Finance manager Jay Bhundia and marketing manager Barry Aldridge MCIM were instrumental in the project which will see the firm become a global brand. The firm has also worked closely with Bondholder Swindell & Pearson on this project. 

Tidyco has been  a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products to the UK rail industry for over 40 years.

Bhundia said: “To support organisational plans for export growth, Tidyco recognised the need to protect the brand on an international level. By working with local Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm Swindell & Pearson, Tidyco has Trade Marked its brand through the Madrid System.”

Barry Aldridge added: “This has been a fantastic project to be involved with. From a marketing standpoint, re-positioning a local corporate identity as a well known global brand is a marketer’s dream come true."