Toyota Celebrates 25 Years in Derbyshire

Today Bondholder Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) celebrates 25 years of building cars at its plant in Derbyshire. To commemorate this special occasion, invited guests joined staff at the factory for a journey back through the years and heard about £25,000 worth of surprise donations to local charities.

It was 16th December 1992 when the first Carina E drove off the production line at Toyota Manufacturing UK. On that day, only 4 cars were built. Since then, the automotive giant has built almost 4.2 million more from the Derby based site.

Marvin Cooke, Managing Director of TMUK said: “We have only been able to reach this milestone by being competitive – that means achieving quality, productivity, flexibility and cost at global levels - and we will not stand still, we will always strive to be more competitive.  Toyota is determined to be here for the long term.”

Over the 25 years, the plant has attracted continual investment. In 2010 TMUK Burnaston was the first Toyota plant outside Japan to build hybrid vehicles, which now make up 60% of output. Earlier this year a further £240 million was announced, upgrading the factory to enable production of the next generation of cars.

To celebrate this momentous quarter century event, TMUK were joined by invited guests, including Rt. Hon. Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP, and Heather Wheeler MP. They were also joined by Toyota Motor Europe, Senior Vice President, Andy Pfeiffenberger.

Tony Walker, Deputy Managing Director, went on to say: “Toyota does not exist purely to make cars and return a profit. We exist to make a full contribution to the societies in which we operate. In these past 25 years we have donated over £5.5 million to local charities and organisations”.

In recognition of today’s milestone, representatives from the factory and Charitable Trust surprised 12 local organisations with a share of £25,000, helping them to do more of their excellent work.

To mark today's occasion Toyota have released a new corporate film about its charity work.