New Bar Set for Cathedral Quarter

New Bondholder Bar Soba is set to open a multi-level bar, restaurant and late-night venue at the Old Post Office in the Cathedral Quarter.

Bar Soba is the brain child of Glasgow born entrepreneur Brad Stevens, who is transforming the iconic building in order to create purpose-built cocktail bars, with spacious dining areas and striking private spaces for a variety of events. 

A spokesperson for Bar Soba said Derby is a perfect fit for the brand: “You’ve got a good student population. I’m not saying we’re a student bar but students seem to like what we do. You’ve got good employment with the likes of Rolls-Royce and Toyota, etc.

“And also there’s a few things happening in the city. There’s the development across the road – the Debenhams building – and the square that’s behind it.

“We do our homework. We find out who else is there. Good neighbours for us normally would be people like Turtle Bay and Revolution. The fact they’re right by the building we’re moving into made it an attractive site as well."