Chamber to Deliver Brexit Message to Parliament

As part of its campaign to make sure the needs of business drive the UK’s Brexit negotiations, Bondholder East Midlands Chamber is leading a delegation to deliver the message to the heart of Parliament.

Businesses from across the region, including Bondholder Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, will be joining the Chamber at Westminster for a round-table discussion with MPs to talk about their fears for trading post-Brexit.

Chris Hobson, Director of Policy at East Midlands Chamber, said: “We’re 17 months on from the Brexit vote, eight months on from Mrs May invoking Article 50 to trigger the UK’s exit from the EU and with just 16 months left before we hit the two-year deadline to secure a deal absolutely nothing has been agreed.


“The EU wants to talk only about how much money the UK will pay. The UK wants to talk about trade agreements, citizens’ rights, the customs union and other important things and is looking at potential trade deals with non-EU countries.

“Business wants guidance on what trading conditions will be like after 29 March 2019, whether they will still be able to supply EU countries without being hit by World Trade Organisation-prescribed tariffs and whether they’ll still be able to buy raw materials from EU sources tariff-free.

“They need to know whether the EU’s negative stance is going to lead to them being chucked out of EU-based firms’ supply chains or whether they will need to establish new supply chains for their own manufacturing processes and whether they will still be able to ship goods freely through the customs union.

“It’s essential that our MPs get behind business and help them deliver this message to the Ministers trying to secure future trade agreements with the EU, or at the very least a transition period to allow final negotiations to continue beyond next March.”