Leigh Delivers TEDx Talk

Bondholder Leigh Timmis has announced the release of his TEDx talk “The Boy With The Bunny Bike", which was delivered as part of an educational conference titled “Discovering Your Place In The Big Wide World”.

TEDx event organiser, Hayley Parkes, said “Leigh belongs to a rare breed of ‘doers’. Hearing of the world through Leigh’s eyes was really quite special at TEDxRNCM. Ever wondered how to grab this colourful and exciting life with both hands? Listen to Leigh.”

Leigh spoke about his struggle with depression - the difficulty in stepping out of his comfort zone against society's expectations, and how it led to his seven year, 44,000 mile, life changing bicycle journey.

Leigh said “I am honoured to be able to use my story to inspire others, in Derby and beyond, to raise aspirations, embrace change and achieve great things. It’s only by taking the more difficult path and overcoming the challenges along the way, that we will discover our greatest potential.”

Leigh will also be delivering the Dared to Dream presentation at Marketing Derby's Annual Business Event 2018, held at fellow Bondholder Derby Theatre

To view Leigh's talk, please click here