Two Decades of RDS

Bondholder RDS Global is celebrating its 20th anniversary, providing IT support across the UK for two decades. 

Established in 1997, RDS Global originated from the IT department of a local automotive dealer group. It was during these early years that RDS Global focussed on providing tailored network services.

Today the firm supports more than 4,000 users in 200 locations across the UK.

Phil Harvey, Managing Director, said: “RDS Global is proud to have earned a reputation for delivering very high standards of service, expertise and professionalism. Our commitment for ensuring complete customer satisfaction is never compromised – which is why we’re still here, twenty years later.

“Throughout the past twenty years our mission has always remained clear and consistent: to support business growth and address the changing needs of our valued customers as they arise.

“In order to meet those changing needs, we’ve also continued to change. We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do, and we invest a great deal developing not just our resources and our capabilities, but our team also.”