Industrial Strategy Published

The Government has published its Green Paper on Industrial Strategy - central to which will be new sector deals and major investment in research and development to support the economy.

To coincide with this, a discussion was held by MPs at Westminster Hall about how the Midlands could contribute.

Chris Hobson, Director of Policy at Bondholder East Midlands Chamber said: "We have seen the Government talk the talk, now is the time for it to start walking the walk by delivering a full package of support for the Midlands Engine, to ensure not only that it is attractive to investors but also that the support exists to help regional companies." 

The industrial strategy is based on 10 founding principles, one of which being to encourage trade and inward investment, promoting a more active approach to winning major overseas contracts.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: "The modern industrial strategy will back Britain for the long term, creating the conditions where successful businesses can emerge and grow and backing them to invest in the long-term future of our country."

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive of Bondholder East Midlands Chamber, responded to publishing of the Paper: 

"Implemented correctly, the new Industrial Strategy has the potential to provide the strong foundations of business and Government working together to underline the development of the UK.

"With a plethora of OEMs, well-developed supply-chains, world leading academic institutions and a location in the centre of the country, the East Midlands is a key place to deliver this."

The Green Paper can be viewed here