The Register of Opportunities

At the Annual Business Event, Mel Morris, owner and chairman of Bondholder Derby County Football Club, spoke about the Register of Opportunities, a project he has been working on in conjunction with Marketing Derby. 

He said the online register would be a web property such as an app, whereby people could register their business ideas. Other company executives could then browse the ideas and consider getting involved.

Mel said: "If you look at the people in this room, it's a network. I wonder how many are doing business with other people in the room. And I wonder how many people would like to start a business but have no idea how to do it.

"So the Register of Opportunities project that we're doing after we asked ourselves 'what if there was a web property – call it an app or whatever you want – where you could literally just say, I want to do this, and someone else could look at that and say 'wow, that's neat - I can help them with that'.

Marketing Derby will be launching the Register later this year.