Marketing Derby's Rising Star

The Rested Cocktail Company has been named the Marketing Derby Rising Star of 2017.

Established in December 2014 by friends Johnathan Eley and Michael McBride, the company creates cocktails using classic recipes from the 1920s and 30s, before leaving them to rest in steel barrels for an extended period of time.

As recipients of the 2017 Rising Star Award, The Rested Cocktail Company won a year's free Bondholder membership.

Speaking of the win, Michael said: "There's a whole wealth of experience in this room of bondholders that we can learn from.

"It would be naïve of us to think 'we've got a product which we know people like and has won awards – the next year's going to be easy'.

"We're looking to scale up and start selling business-to-business and it's a different world to what we've been doing.

"We're very eager to receive support from other bondholders – these are people who have done this sort of thing before and know how to move forward."