Museum Secures Funding

Bondholder Derby Museums Trust has secured funding from both the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund and DCMS/Wolfson Foundation, for its latest project. 

The Your Place in the World project will be a co-produced project working with the communities of Derby to create a museum relevant to people's lives now.

Participants will select, present and interpret the museum's collection in a way that reflects the diverse communities in the city and increases access to and awareness of the museum. 

Tony Butler, Executive Director of Derby Museums Trust said: We want to connect the people of Derby with the museum's world cultures collections. We have material from across the globe, from the Americas to the Pacific Islands and from Africa to Indian sub-continent and it offers a great opportunity to work with our communities to discover 'Your place, in the World'.

"The funding will also help further improve our assets namely the condition of the museums galleries.”