Plans Formally Submitted for 500 New Homes

Plans to create a new neighbourhood, encompassing 500 homes, restaurants, retail and office space, have been submitted to Derby City Council

GVA Bilfinger, working on behalf of Nightingale Quarter Estates, formally submitted the plans, which showcase a mixture of one and two-bed apartments, and houses with between two and four bedrooms.

The Nightingale Quarter would also have 10,763 sq ft of space for retail use and 5,830 sq ft of restaurant space, as well as 11,840 sq ft for offices, leisure and bar use.

The proposal retains many of the site's heritage features.

The site will retain the grade-two-listed building Wilderslowe House, and one of the facades, which would act as a "central community and design focus, a landmark and anchor to the public realm and a clear and sufficient link to the site's former use."