SureScreen releases 'Inside SureScreen Diagnostics' film

Bondholder SureScreen Diagnostics has employed the skills of Derby-based video production company JET Productions to produce a promotional film titled 'Inside SureScreen Diagnostics'.

Watch SureScreen's promotional video here.

The directors at SureScreen, a company which provides rapid drug tests, alcohol testing devices and other rapid diagnostics equipment around the world, felt it was time to let the cameras into the business. 

Alastair Campbell, Director at SureScreen Diagnostics, said: "We had a very set idea about what we wanted to say and how we wanted it to look, and Jason at JET did a great job in getting a true cross-section of the kind of work we do here."

The film covers all aspects of the business giving  a rarely seen glimpse of life at an interesting and diverse company like SureScreen

We really wanted to show what we’re all about and felt that a short film would capture that.
— Alastair Campbell, Director at SureScreen Diagnostics

He continued  "To be able to find the talent to produce such a high quality film in Derby was fantastic. We strive to use local companies as much as we can."

Enjoying some great feedback so far, the film will provide a useful tool for promoting SureScreen, and business in Derby, for years to come.