Bondholder teams up with Disney

Live events company and Bondholder On Events Production has teamed up with Disney to stage the press conference in London for Finding Dory which was attended by household name, Ellen DeGeneres.

Bondholder On Events Production applied creative treatment to the initial artwork provided by Disney to create a stage wrapped in photo-floor to give the appearance of a sea-bed and a backdrop with 3D elements of the octopus. The team even supplied a range of underwater plants to the rear of the stage which looked like they were growing out of the stage.

Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of main character Dory, attended the press conference with writer and director Andrew Stanton, who gave the UK media its first chance to obtain exclusive information about the film.

Commenting on the event, Guy Eaton, Managing Director of On Event Production, said: "It was a pleasure to work alongside Disney to stage the Finding Dory press conference. We enjoyed the challenge of producing an impactful backdrop and stage set."

He continued: "As we expand as a company, we're being asked to produce more and more high profile events like this, which really give us the chance to showcase our talents."