RDS brings superfast broadband to Friar Gate

RDS Global team in St James Square, Derby

Established leader in IT services and Bondholder, RDS Global,  has laid leased-line technology which gives businesses on Derby's Friar Gate access to superfast broadband for the first time.

The upgrade is a significant improvement and speeds will be at least five times faster. Robert Kay, the group’s technical director, stated that the faster speeds would carry the additional benefit of allowing for internet telephony and IP CCTV. “Due to the fast moving pace of the industry, companies are now benefiting from more reliable, flexible and cost effective methods of telephony, whilst we have seen a sharp rise in IP CCTV, which allows managers to view and review camera footage from the comfort of their PC, tablet or smart phone. The faster internet speeds perfectly compliment this new approach towards complete IT convergence.”

RDS Global covers the full spectrum of IT services and solutions and prides itself on helping companies understand their IT requirements, delivering the right products and services and removing the complexities and issues that frustrate.