E4E calls for more support

The Derby-based initiative set up to link employers with schools and young people, Enterprise 4 Education, is asking local businesses to support its efforts for at least one half day a year.

E4E's Just Imagine... Working Here! project invites local businesses to open their doors to local primary school children for them to:

  • see the world of work - possibly for the first time;
  • be inspired to work hard at school, raising their aspirations;
  • gain a positive experience within local industry;
  • explore jobs in Derby and hear what employers look for in new staff.

It's up to you what the visit can consist of, but it must be a minimum half-day commitment and could include: tours of the premises; demonstrations; quizzes; Q&As and/or presentations on (a) processes used / products made, (b) type of skills, qualities and qualifications employers are looking for from future employees, and (c) a description of the types of job roles within the business.

Pupils will be encouraged to do preparation and research on the business they will be visiting then present a record of their experiences learning and thoughts about the business they have visited.

For more information and to get involved, check out the E4E Just Imagine... Working Here! leaflet.