Construction progresses at Eagle Park

Eagle Park, a multi-million pound scheme to create new industrial units on the site of a former factory, is progressing fast after Bondholder Ivygrove Developments secured full planning permission last year.

Neighbouring firm Eggleston Steel is having a 16,000 sq ft building constructed on the site, with work almost completed. The £1.5m premises will house the company's state-of-the-art cutting machines which are currently situated on the other side of Derby.

A second nearby business, Pope Machinery Ltd, is to purchase two units - 2,500 sq ft and 3,500 sq ft - for over £500,000. The company will initially rent out the space until it needs it for a future project. The building work started in March and is due for completion by the end of the month.

John Blount, Chairman of Ivygrove Developments, said: "I was pleased to work with Eggleston Steel and Pope Machinery to accommodate their needs. Arrangements like these work work ways. Ivygrove benefit with continuous construction works and Eggleston, for example, can now expand their existing premises and bring all the production together."

It is expected that up to 500 people could end up working on the site once it is fully occupied.