EPM crafts mask for Keogh

Bondholder epm:technology was approached by the Royal Derby Hospital late January with a request for a carbon fibre protective face mask to be used for the Derby County Football Club vs. Manchester United game.

The hospital would require time to ensure the fit of the mask and the footballer would need time to train in it to ensure comfort. epm:technology were supplied the mould of the player’s face and had to create a negative mould from this to be able to make the mask. The hi-tech components firm got right to work making the mould, as there is a time issue with the mould curing. The mask was then made using aerospace-grade carbon fibre.

The mask was completed on Thursday morning and got it to the hospital in time for the footballer to try it Thursday afternoon. All went well and the mask was worn on the Friday evening.

Mark Gould, Business Development Manager, said: “When the call came in, we did all we could to help as both the hospital and the football club are big parts of our community. The guys on the shop floor were also very happy to get involved as the majority of our team are Derby fans!”

A spokesperson from Royal Derby Hospital said: “Just wanted to thank you for helping us out with the mask, we have had nothing but great feedback about it from the player and the club. The only downside was the score but I don't think we had much to do with that! Thanks again to all of you involved in helping us.”