Surescreen's Innovation in Health

Bondholder bio-tech company Surescreen has launched a new innovative supplement, which is far more effective than traditional remedies, and can deliver an abundance of health benefits. 

Nutrivitality was recently unveiled at a Bondholder event, and has an absorption rate of 80%, far greater than traditional vitamin C products, which an absorption rate of 7%.

Alex Campbell, Director of the Surescreen Group, asserts that Nutrivitality can help to prevent and fight colds, as well as fighting stress and cure skin problems. 

Alex said: "There are lots of vitamin products available on the shelves of supermarkets but typically they deliver less than 10% of their content.

'After extensive research and clinical trials, we have developed a technique for coating each particle in a protective layer of phospholipids, a process of liposoming.

"Once delivered into the bloodstream, the phospholipids are stripped away by the body and used to build new cells. This process delivers the vitamin C in perfect condition."