£2.5M Investment for Marina

Plans for a £2.5M extension for Bondholder Mercia Marina have been approved. 

The extension will increase parking capacity, and will bring new shops, restaurants, cafes and offices to the Marina.

The Marina already attracts over 800,000 visitors annually, and Robert Neff, General Manager, hopes this number will increase.

The development is expected to create 150 new jobs. 

Robert said: "Our exciting new development proposal demonstrates just how successful we have become as a destination.

“Since the marina opened in 2008, we have become recognised as a major regional tourist attraction, not only for shopping, eating and drinking, but also boat trips, boat holidays, lodge holidays and much more. 

“We’ve nevertheless always been very careful to ensure our growth complements the beautiful natural environment. It is very important to us that the location remains as attractive to those seeking tranquillity as it does for those who want to shop, dine and work here.”