Good Growth in Derby

Our Good Growth for Cities Index makes encouraging reading for the East Midlands region. The economy here is diverse and resilient, and it is great to see our cities performing so well in terms of economics and quality of life measures.
— Paul Norbury, Senior Partner

Derby has featured strongly in the annual Good Growth for Cities Report, conducted by Bondholder PwC, ranking 16th nationally, just after London, and ranked 4th in the Midlands.

The Good Growth for Cities report assesses growth by scrutinising several measures that lead to sustainable and balanced growth, including jobs, housing, household income, health, transport, skills, environment, new businesses and work-life balance. These measures are chosen by the public and businesses.

Cities from across the Midlands performed particularly very well, specifically on transport, environment, health, new businesses and jobs.

Derby ranks in the top 20, with above-average scores in jobs, house prices and income distribution. This suggests a well-balanced city in growth with low unemployment, low house prices and good salary levels.

Commenting on the performance of cities in the Midlands, Matthew Hammond, regional chairman for PwC in the Midlands, said: "The eight Midlands cities we report on are showing positive and largely above average indicators in jobs growth, new businesses per capita, transport and ease of movement, health measures, and the environment itself.  

"The ingredients for quality of life, as set out in our report, highlight the Midlands and its cities as a more liveable, workable, investable places, particularly compared with the South East.  This evidence gives the region a domestic and internationally competitive edge which we have seen with a number of recent investment announcements. “