Frogspark Leaping Ahead

Bondholder Frogspark has moved into new premises, reflecting its ambition for growth.

After doubling the business’ turnover in just 12 months, the digital marketing company have moved into the Derwent Business Centre and want to ensure the team is growing at the same rate as the business. The Derby-based agency are recruiting for three new members to join the team.

Rob Twells, Managing Director, said: “We want to be able to take on new clients and maintain the high standards of work we currently produce for all of the great businesses we work with.”

The new space at Derwent Business Centre is a great fit for us. It’s unique, it looks great and most importantly it is a good enough size to allow us to grow the team. The new office is the first part of a comprehensive plan we have in place for the next 12 months which will allow us to grow the business further and improve upon the service we give to our clients
— Rob Twells, Managing Director

Frogspark directors, Liam and Rob, started building websites for businesses whilst they were full-time students at University. Once they left, Frogspark grew into other areas of digital marketing including SEO.

Lorna Burrows, Digital Marketer, said: “It’s great to work for a young business which is growing rapidly. Every time I see good results from the work I’ve been doing, I can see the positive impact it’s having on the business; it’s extremely rewarding!”