The Inventory Genius

Bondholder Inventory Genius has developed a new web-based system, designed to take the hassle and legal pitfalls out of the inventory process for landlords and letting agents alike.

Inventory Genius, the brainchild of Rachel Hudson, is officially launching later this month after completing a rigorous development and redesign process over the last three years.

Designed to address the flaws found in the range of online inventories that are currently available, Rachel’s extensive skills, expertise and qualifications in property management have been used throughout the development process to ensure that the site meets all the necessary requirements of a dispute.

Rachel said: “An inventory is just as important as the original tenancy agreement in its own right, as it catalogues the condition of the property and the contents that were provided originally. It is vital that it is filled out correctly with the right contents and I have designed something that meets these requirements.

"The product aims to provide inventory clerks and property professionals with a fast and simple service, as the software automatically highlights any changes between the original document and the check-out inventory, indicating any changes to the property since the tenancy."