University Innovation Through Collaboration

Bondholder the University of Derby has launched six exciting new projects to support SMEs to innovate, grow and create jobs having successfully attracted multi-million European funding.

At an event this week, held at the iHub in the city's Enterprise Zone, Infinity Park Derby, Vice-Chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell and Professor Paul Stewart of the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering revealed the support available to SMEs through new projects, with the message that the University of Derby has the key ability to innovate in the UK and globally.

The University sees the local and regional supply chains in advanced manufacturing as equally important as the city's OEMs in contributing to the economic progress of the region, and giving experience from which students can benefit.

Also speaking at the event was Paul Harris, Director of Economic Development at Bondholder Rolls-Royce, who urged SMEs to make use of the facilities at the iHub and access the new support schemes. He was followed on stage by Graham Mulholland, Chief Executive of Bondholder epm: technology group, who told the audience: "world-class is standard at the University of Derby's Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering."


The six projects are: 

1) Enabling innovation - run by the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering and two Nottingham universities, the project will support the development of innovation in SMEs;

2) Enscite - a team of experts that supports transport equipment manufacturing businesses, run in partnership with Aston University and Bondholder Derby City Council;

3) Catalysing growth through research for transport equipment manufacturing - the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering will join forces with Loughborough University's iNet team to support transport equipment manufacturing;

4) D2 energy efficiency - encouraging businesses to create low-carbon products and production processes, run in conjunction with Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council;

5) Creative and digital industries - this project will see that creative and digital industries get the right services for their needs;

6) Invest to Grow - the programme is a combination of loan funding and grants, and projects must create jobs that can be sustained for at least three years.