Flint Bishop Partners with Children's Charity

Bondholder firm Flint Bishop is working in partnership with a charity, to give young people who have experienced parental separation a platform to promote their views and to equip them with useful support and information.

Kids in the Middle is a charity which seeks to help parents reduce conflict, promote communication and encourage co-parenting to provide their children with safe and loving homes.

Voices in the middle logo .jpg

The law-firm is working in conjunction with the charity on their Voices in the Middle project. The project offers a website which gives practical advice to young people, and promotes services for children offered by organisations collaborating with Kids in the Middle, including specialist family lawyers and mediators.

Kirpal Bidmead, Head of Family Law, said: “As a solicitor who has specialised in family law for over 20 years, I have seen the emotional turmoil that couples go through when separating.  I try to remind parents that their children’s needs, wishes and feelings should be the paramount consideration. Children should not be pressured into taking sides, keeping their parents’ secrets or blaming themselves for the separation.  They should not be used as pawns or left feeling isolated.”  

"Separation can have a devastating impact on children. Every effort should be made to help both parents and children through the separation process with access to comprehensive counselling, practical and legal support.

"Voices in the Middle is playing an invaluable role in giving young people a platform, an outlet and a voice. I greatly admire the project’s objectives  and will do all that I can to support them.”