Former FBI Hacker to Deliver Seminar at PKF

A former black hat hacker is to deliver a seminar on cyber security at Bondholder PKF Cooper Parry next month. 

You rarely get the opportunity to gain a unique insight from an individual who actually used to break into cyber systems just for fun, so this is sure to be a really enlightening and thought-provoking seminar.
— Victoria Playford, IT Partner

The IT Solutions team will host Ryan Ackroyd, the man who infamously hacked Sony, Fox and the FBI , as he gives businesses an insight into the damaging effects of cyber-crime, and the need for investing in a secure IT system. 

Ryan was a founding member of the hacking group 'LulzSec' and was responsible for the penetration of multiple military and government domains in 2010 and 2011. He now uses his expertise to help secure IT systems, rather than breaking into them. 

Ryan will be joined by academic Dr David Day and Neil Richardson, a consultant and chapter lead for the Open Web Application Security Project. 

Victoria Playford, IT Partner, said: 'There's nothing more terrifying for a business than the threat of cyber-attack. This really is a unique opportunity for the region's businesses to learn more about the dangers that cyber-crime poses o their business and what they should be doing to combat it.' 

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