FP Training Ltd

FP Training is a training and development company based in Derby that specialises in bespoke management and leadership development programmes and coaching.

At FP Training we help leaders understand how to stop "doing" and start “being” the leaders they need to be to successfully lead others. 

We can help you by providing you with practical tools and insights that guarantees better leadership performance and produce the following outcomes:

  • clarity around what ‘great leaders’ look like in your organisation;
  • improvements in engaging and building effective relationships with others;
  • improved confidence in leadership skills and behaviours to effectively lead and manage people, especially for new leaders who are making the transition into a leadership role;
  • understanding and applying different leadership styles to get the best out of people, by being motivational, inspirational, innovative, to do less ‘telling’ and more ‘coaching’ and ‘consulting’;
  • produce high performing teams and individuals that are more engaged, committed and motivated to do a ‘great’ job, thus allowing leaders to spend less time managing others and more time in meeting the needs of the business.

We do this by:

  • ensuring training and development meet and exceed expectation as viable and quantifiable investment;
  • incorporating individual and team coaching to encourage leaders to fulfil their potential;
  • providing focused participative development programmes formatted to fit your needs;
  • incorporating diagnostics and assessments, ensuring learning and development is understood at every stage and can be transferred back to the workplace.

FP Training is an Approved ILM Provider and can offer qualification in Leadership & Management and Coaching & Mentoring.


32 Friar Gate