Box09 Ltd

We offer clients a one stop shop for all their commercial building maintenance needs, removing the hassle of day to day projects and upkeep. We work with any business that has a building, this could be an office building for an SME, a school, or a manufacturing or workshop facility.

I have always valued the work that Marketing Derby do, and have previous experience from my days at Orchid IT. I want to be involved in raising the profile of Derby and learning more about Derby businesses, through the events and through networking with other bondholders.

We have traded in and around Derby for nearly 20 years in various forms. We love Derby as a city, it has a distinct character and place in history, and geographically it is perfectly placed in the heart of the country, with ideal transport links. The city is vibrant, with beautiful countryside and scenery just 20 minutes out of Derby! The people and businesses I have met and dealt with over the years have only cemented my high opinion of the Derby business community.


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21 Kirkley Drive
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